R&D, Product Development

At AGL, we provide services for all stages of R&D, design and product development – our core activity – performed in our Developing World Innovation Centre, which includes a design space, an R&D workshop, and a testing laboratory.

Engineering Department

Our highly talented and qualified engineering team has decades of experience in producing the best solutions for our customers. Dedicated to improvement, innovation, and perfection, we verify all our products meet the highest European manufacturing standards.

Our engineering department provides mechanical structural calculation and design, including 3D model simulations. We use the Finite Element Method (FEM) for structural verification of design, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and produce 3D model prototypes in engineering quality, for full validation: dimensional, functional and mechanical. All our projects include full mold design for mass production, full technical drawing solutions, full manufacturing technical documentation, assembly guides/installation manuals, laboratory testing, and corrosion tests.

Production Facility

Our state-of-the-art production facility is located in Ningbo, China, a manufacturing powerhouse in the south-eastern province of Zhejiang. Ningbo became the first pilot city in china to implement – “Made in China 2025” – the high-end manufacturing drive. This strategic location allows us to work shoulder to shoulder with our suppliers and partners, constructing an efficient, loyal, flexible, high-quality and customizable supply chain, and as a result, to build and sustain strong and close business relationships with our suppliers.  

Location & Logistics

The strategic location of our production facility, situated near Beilum Port – one of the largest seaports in China – provides us with reliable and quick access to any point on the globe.