Kit #1 Greenhouses


AGL provides tailor-made turnkey greenhouse projects.

We are experts in manufacturing growing facilities for:

  • Vegetables
  • Organic crops
  • Fresh herbs
  • Fruit
  • Flowers
  • Cannabis

All these services are, of course, executed taking into account the needs and budget concerns of the client, the climate and the overall environment at the destination country.

Kit #2 Future of Farming

Future of Farming

Hydroponic, automated vertical farm growing machine

Sustainable and responsible water management system, which optimizes water utilization. Maximizing the growing space which lowers land footprint. The controlled environment ensures no use of pesticides, which translates into fresh and clean produce, all year round.

Innovative hybrid system that promotes technological, automated, cost-effective, efficient, sustainable agriculture

Our hybrid systems integrate electric energy and natural energy to supply homogeneous produce year-round. Our systems are powered by either electricity or renewable energy. Harvesting natural energy to our advanced systems provides tremendous savings in energy, and as a result, great economical savings. Our hybrid agriculture systems are automation based, thus minimize the need of man power. In addition, the use of natural energy, in accordance to the seasons, leads to decreased environmental contamination.

Kit #3 Automation


The growing necessity of automation in the agriculture industry reflects the need to meet the global demand for produce, reduce labor force, and increase productivity and quality. Designing automation solutions for all kinds of projects, we implement them in agricultural projects, which require a high level of manual labor and movement of produce.


We provide flower farms with fully automated transportation from greenhouse harvesting to packing.

We provide cannabis farms with a fully automated, internal produce movement management system.

Kit #4 Dairy Farms

Dairy Farms

Milkey, by AGL, provides a complete set of dairy farming solutions –
“From Grass to Glass”

Our services include:

  • Project planning services
  • SCR management systems
  • Zero grazing cow sheds
  • SCR milking control system
  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Processing
  • Health and veterinary services
  • Technical support
  • Marketing, management and consultancy services 

We are an integral part of the accelerating technological developments within  the worldwide milk production industry. Our first and final goal is high productivity and the best quality of milk and any of its byproducts.